Kyoshi H. Chiba Backround

Kyoshi H.Chiba

Born in the northern part of Japan on the 9th of April 1949. At the age of 17 he entered the Kagoshima University , and under there he joined the Karate club , under the instruction of Master Yonezawa.

After training hard through the years and winning the championships in all of Japan he later moved to Okinawa for training under the Dojo of Master Shugoro Nakazato in October 1975.

March 1977 , he was graded as a 5th Dan black belt by Hanshi (Master 10th Dan) Master Nakazato.
He then left Okinawa in  October 1977 after being qualified as an instructor by the OKSA (Okinawan Karate-Do Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan Association).

He left for Africa from Japan as a volunteer working for the JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Of Volunteers) on the 12th of January 1978 , for the purpose of expanding the knowledge of KARATE.

He travelled Africa from , Tanzania , Sudan , Ethiopia , Mozambique , Zambia , Botswana and then to Eritrea....... The legend of him there is far to be explained and experiences during the war untold and indescribable. He helped Eritrea gain Independence through BUSHIDO (way of the warrior) by teaching the EPLF fighters. Finally on the 28th February 1980 he moved to Zimbabwe and became a resident of Zimbabwe in June.

Kyoshi Harunobu Chiba the married a beautiful model by the name of Jennifer Johnson and later made a family of three children named: 

Kenshin Chiba 1st born
Yumiko Chiba 2nd born
Ryushin Chiba last born

Later over the years Kyoshi Chiba attained an 8th dan in the OKINAWA Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan Karate.


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  2. I trained with your father, my friend Harunobu Chiba in Okinawa at the Hombu Dojo. Please give him my regard, Jesus Martinez. Chiba was so fast Walter Hall and I called him The Tiger.

  3. I Met Mr. Chiba in Harare in 1980, a formidibal Karate man

  4. I was sensei H.Chiba's student (1989-1997)at his Milton Park dojo.Kenshin then was in the junior class.The benefits of training under this formidable great master were immense.Pass my regards to the great man of karate.